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Finding Inspiration

Posted by Pam Haas, GD Poetry Reader for 5.1

As a writer, I’m constantly looking around for different sources to draw inspiration from. Recently, however, I’ve had a bit of a block. Every writer knows that feeling when the muse has abandoned them and nothing seems like poetry, or when the day feels too dreary and drippy to compose a satisfying painting. So to combat writer’s block for myself and anyone who may be similarly searching around for creative encouragement, I asked a few fellow student writers at SUNY Geneseo to respond to the question: Where do you get your inspiration from? This is what they have to say: Continue reading

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Finding the Time: Making (and Sticking to) a Writing Schedule

Posted by Ethan Keeley, GD Fiction Editor for 3.2

It often seems that our lives are endless collections of to-do lists and deadlines. Whether we’re in school or at work there are always things that must be done and seldom enough hours in a day to do them all. Relaxation is that rare oasis that soon dries up as a new day begins and the new to-dos congregate.Writer's Clock

While it would be nice to live in a world where all hours of the day were free for us to ruminate and type away with peace of mind, this is mere fantasy. Indeed, writing must take place amidst all the other duties of life, which are always trying to take precedence over it (see: classes, work, homework, social obligations, chores, sleep, basic hygiene, etc.). But if we’re serious about our writing we need to make it just as much a priority as all those other facets of life. We can’t just tell ourselves, “I’ll write when I have time,” because we’ll always spend that time in other ways, especially in ways that require less mental effort. Relaxation is so infrequent for most of us that we immediately go for that option when all other obligations are momentarily taken care of. Continue reading

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