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Gandy Dancer Issue 5.1 Preview

Gandy Dancer Issue 5.1 PreviewPosted by Robbie Held, GD Poetry Section Head for 5.1

After months upon months of sleepless and harrowing nights of editing, with only our immutable and eternal love for literature keeping us going, Gandy Dancer issue 5.1 has been sent to the presses packed full of art and literature with broad appeal. In the mood for fiction about a thrilling night of skinny dipping? Rachel Britton’s “Bare” will do the trick. Malcolm Flanigan’s “All Roads,” a personal tour of Rome, NY, will delight if urban decay is more your speed. Either way, the launch party is on the 20th of December, and we hope to see you there. I, for one, will be there wearing my finest oversized, pink IZOD sweatshirt. Continue reading

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