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University of Pennsylvania’s Literary Magazine Penn Appétit

Posted by Cameron Rustay, GD Poetry Reader for 6.2 

After reading through Gandy Dancer 6.1 and looking at submissions for the upcoming issue, I started researching and pawing through other schools’ literary journals and magazines. I looked through a few schools and didn’t really find anything that was too far removed from Gandy’s concept– that was until the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Appétit came up in the search results. Given the title, you can probably guess that the magazine is about food, but what the title doesn’t show is that the magazine looks and reads like an embodiment of Martha Stewart because it’s so poised. It’s bright, and the pictures would bring Keith Walters to shame, and the articles are easily digestible. I felt like I had to read it while sipping a dry Merlot in a Michelin star French restaurant. I mean, the online issues even have that fancy page flip like you’re reading a real book; it doesn’t get classier than that. Continue reading

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