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Gandy Dancer 4.2 Preview!!

Posted by Emily Peterson, Poetry reader for issue 4.2

Here's a sneak peek at our cover for issue 4.2! Artwork by Lei Pen Gan

Here’s a sneak peek at our cover for issue 4.2!
Artwork by Lei Pen Gan

As the cruel month of April comes to a close and the beginning of May is within sight, Gandy Dancer issue 4.2 is nearly ready for launch. With contributions from students across ten different SUNY schools, issue 4.2 delivers a wide range of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art that encapsulates SUNY’s literary skill. The Gandy Dancer staff has worked all semester long to curate a magazine that celebrates diverse voices and unique creative expression.

We are proud to publish six different works of fiction in this issue of Gandy Dancer including Sarah Hopkins’ haunting piece, “Frontierland,” which is a story set on a bleak and dusty oil well that captivates the reader with its strong sense of place. We are also pleased to publish Abigail Allen’s “Love is Lemons,” a quiet story that highlights the subtleties and frustrations of young love. Issue 4.2’s poetry selection offers poems from eighteen different authors. These poems range dramatically in theme, tone, and structure. Michal Zweig’s “Happy//Over” commands the reader’s attention with its shifting typeface, strikethroughs, and a spliced in quote from a US Supreme Court justice. Jay’s two poems, “Winning the Lottery, 1969” and “Cannon Fodder” employ an economy of language which is concise yet powerful. Christine Davis’ deeply personal essay “Onliness” explores the complexity of family dynamics and the role of only children. “What Are You Laughing At?” by Brendan Mahoney is a humorous work of nonfiction that delivers poignant commentary on modern day comedic discourse. The Gandy Dancer staff is proud to publish original artwork in a variety of mediums—peppering photography, painting, collage, and even sculpture throughout the magazine. Issue 4.2’s Featured Artist is Lei Peng Gan whose three paintings “Untitled No. 17,” “Muar: Jalan Meriam No.2,” and “Intersection No. 5” feature rich colors and distinct lines.

We hope you join us for the official release of Gandy Dancer issue 4.2 at the launch party on Wednesday, May 11 at 9:00 AM in the College Union Hunt Room.

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Gandy Dancer 4.1 Preview!

Posted by Alanna Kaplan, Nonfiction Reader for Issue 4.1

Attention all lovers of fiction, creative non­fiction, art, and poetry! After months of hard work, deliberations and debates, Gandy Dancer 4.1 is finally here and ready. The copies you can’t wait to get your hands on are now available on Amazon and will be at our upcoming launch party, December 18th from 1 to3 PM in Geneseo’s Hunt Room.


A sneak peak at the 4.1 cover!

We had a plethora of incredible pieces to choose from this year, with the poetry readers in particular grappling with an influx of poems (who said poetry was dead?) and we are incredibly proud to share the finished product. Readers will find pieces that speak to them individually, with some employing sharp introspection, others engaging in deep historical connections and all possessing a unique edge and fresh take on life’s greatest pleasures and pains.

Our Featured Artist this semester is Thomas John Magnus, whose photography forces its viewer to take pause in the richness of color, contrast, and distinctive angles. In one photo in particular, “Untitled,” we see Main Street’s own Livingston County Appliance. While many Geneseo students have walked past the shop many times, the way Magnus captures the scene leaves viewers wondering how we could have missed its true beauty.

Another piece that begs the reader to question whether they have fully appreciated an oft ignored beauty is the non­fiction piece “Hermit” by Kira Gregory, full of images of nature that force us into feeling as though we are walking right alongside her as she treks through the woods.

Should we need a break from reality, the short story “Bones” by Allison Giese is a promising cure, with narration and a slow build­up to a crushing climax that leaves readers on the edge of their seat. Giese’s use of setting is so convincing, the story feels real and vivid.

While our issue is incredibly diverse, with submissions from SUNY campuses throughout New York State including Fredonia, PolyTechnic, New Paltz, Geneseo, MCC, CCC, Stony Brook, Brockport, and Oswego, the journal builds bridges between art, poetry, non­fiction and fiction. We hope that readers will be as awestruck by these literary offerings as we were when choosing them and placing them within Gandy Dancer 4.1.


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Teaser Trailer: Issue 3.2

Posted by Christine Davis, GD Nonfiction Reader for 3.2

The time has come readers, writers, and lovers of words. Gandy Dancer 3.2 is almost here, ready for consumption! After months reviewing wonderful submissions in the categories of poetry, fiction, art, and non-fiction from students all over New York State, we have whittled down our numbers and emerged with a collection of some of our best work yet!

Front Cover_online Continue reading

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GD 3.2 Preview: Featured Author Karin Lin-Greenberg

Two reviews of Karin Lin-Greenberg’s Faulty Predictions by GD staff members Sarah Diaz & Chrissy Montelli (see below). 

Written by Sarah Diaz, GD Poetry Reader for 3.2 & Poetry Editor for 3.1

A Review of Faulty Predictions: Stories by Karin Lin-Greenberg

As a self-proclaimed poet, I often find myself reluctant to read fiction. When I picked up Faulty Predictions, the genre ‘short fiction’ eased my concerns slightly, though I remained somewhat skeptical. The opening story of the collection, “Editorial Decisions” employs the first-person plural point-of-view and just like that, falling into the 2013 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction winner was easier done than said. The collection was published by the University of Georgia Press. Karin Lin-Greenberg received her MFA from University of Pittsburg, an MA from Temple University and an AB from Byrn Mawr College. Her work has appeared in literary journals such as Epoch, Kenyon Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Five Chapter among others. She is currently an assistant professor in the English Department at Siena College in upstate New York. Continue reading

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Teaser Trailer: Issue 3.1

Posted by Madeline Herrick, GD Poetry Editor for 3.1

After months of weeding and pruning, we are proud to introduce Gandy Dancer 3.1, the most exciting edition yet. I personally can’t wait to hold the final product in my hands, especially since we could not have created such an impressive magazine without the amazing contributions from students all across New York State.


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