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What’s Your Story About?

Posted by Timothy Blomquist, CNF Reader for issue 6.1

It’s the first question someone asks when you tell them you’re writing a story. Your answer may vary—maybe it’s a story about a happy time in your life, or a place from your childhood that you remember fondly. Or maybe it’s about something darker—a relative who passed, or a friend, or some other person or thing taken from you too soon. Maybe you’re writing about something in between happiness and despair, something seemingly random that’s been nagging at you for some time, for reasons you can’t really explain. Therein lies the real question: What are you really writing about? Continue reading

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Joan Kane’s Poetry and the Question of Quietness

Posted by Isabel Owen, GD Creative Nonfiction Reader for 5.1Joan Kane’s Poetry and the Question of Quietness

On Thursday, November 10, the Geneseo Literary Forum had the honor of hosting Inupiaq poet Joan Naviyuk Kane who made her way to Geneseo from her home in Anchorage, Alaska. A faculty member of the MFA Program at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Kane’s recent accolades include the 2013 Arts and Cultures Foundation Literature Fellowship and the Whiting Writer’s award for her poetry collection, The Cormorant Hunter’s Wife. Her poetry, rich with the scenery of her Arctic home, exposes convergences of family and isolation, of geographic and spiritual, and of the translatable and the intrinsic. Most of all, her poetry asks us to question those labels and the fragmented reality they imply.  Continue reading

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