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Fifth Annual Pub Fair at the Visual Studies Workshop

Posted by Rachel Britton, Poetry Editor for issue 6.1

Poetry printed into sidewalk bricks of the Memorial Gallery’s Poetry Walk led me to the Pub Fair, a day of books, art, beer, and coffee at the Visual Studies Workshop (VSW). Promoting its most recent issue, Gandy Dancer had a significant presence with representatives from the managing, nonfiction, and art editors, staff readers, and friends of the journal. The event offered creative vendors space to sell and build their network likeminded individuals. Among those in attendance were BOA Editions, Ltd., Writers and Books, Open Letter translations from the University of Rochester, and RIT’s art magazine Draft. I was overwhelmed by the amount of art, magazines, journals, and organizations present. And by extension, the size of Rochester’s art community! Continue reading

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Guerrilla, an expensive French Macaroon, and others at the Fringe Festival

Posted by Diego Barcacel Pena, GD Poetry Reader for 5.1

Rochester Fringe Festival

A transformed poem at the Rochester Fringe Festival.

The ride to the Rochester Fringe Festival was stormy, filled with great impressions, and witness to bad puns. As we passed a yard sale, I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you went to a yard sale and asked them how much the yard was?” No one laughed. A fringe festival is a festival that celebrates and promotes art by displaying it to the public. There are so many things to see at a fringe festival that you might get overwhelmed. It lasts for about a week promoting the artistic side of Rochester.

When we arrived at the corner of Main and Gibbs where the Spiegel Garden was located, we were met with wet tents and even wetter tables and chairs. We, Guerrilla Geneseo, were at the Fringe Festival to showcase SUNY Geneseo student’s art. Our biggest selling point was Magnetic Poetry. The idea of Magnetic Poetry is that on five home-made blackboards we would display five different SUNY Geneseo poems and have the participants of the Fringe Festival rearrange them as they saw fit. Here’s a sampling of some of the best lines that emerged from Magnetic Poetry: Continue reading

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Our Small Universe Expands: Literature & Ice Cream at the Rochester Fringe Festival

Posted by Evan Goldstein, former contributor and Poetry Editor for Issue 4.1

The Rochester Fringe Festival is an annual ten-day multi-disciplinary arts festival, with performances and visual installments spread throughout Rochester, featuring “fringe” arts outside of the mainstream. Fringe festivals like that in Rochester and many others around the world give audiences to many isolated and otherwise cut off artists. Like a large, dispersed literary journal, fringe festivals provide a community for artists and audiences to come together and experience arts on the fringe of the mainstream community. Today was Geneseo’s day at the Lyric theatre, an old church recently converted into an opera house for performances and readings. Geneseo’s day at the Lyric theatre was the first ever reading that Geneseo students have given as part of the Fringe festival, and the first strong showing of Geneseo talent as a whole at Rochester Fringe. We had performances ranging from a capella to improv, to film poems and, here at the “Stories a la Mode” event, a fiction reading complete with ice cream.

The usher was French, and I know that because I heard the soft throaty nasal vowel—ahhsss—and one hard choked consonant—krèm—as he, quietly insistent, led me to the far chamber door and held it open, gesturing to a bar in the


Maya Bergamasco reads at the Lyric theatre. Pictured in the background: ice cream bar.

back of the small hall. Maybe he was French-Canadian. I, playing reporter (press pass and all), got my camera out and crouched in front of the bar, watching the audience, cups of ice cream and little spoons in their hands, watch the writer read her story. A glance up at the barman’s shirt: Hedonist Ice Cream. Yes, I thought: the perfect blog post story. The hands at the tables holding the little cups of ice cream, I’ll take their photographs and interview them about free ice cream, our community hub, come up with a clever “Gandy Dancer as Ice Cream of SUNY System” blog post title, make it home in time for dinner, maybe a night cap—ice cream for dessert, yes. Good plan, delicious plan. The audience leaned toward the stage at the front of the room. Continue reading

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What Is a Small Press Pub Fair Anyways?

Posted by Sarah Christ, Former GD contributor for 2.2 and 2.1, & editor for 3.1 

Gandy Dancer's table at the Pub Fair!

Gandy Dancer’s table at the Pub Fair!

Last weekend, Gandy Dancer had the honor of tabling at the second annual Visual Studies Workshop Pub Fair in Rochester, NY.   If you’ve never been to a Pub Fair, you’re probably wondering what it even is–I know I was before I went!  Basically, a Pub Fair is a conglomeration of artists, small and independent publishers, and photographers and printmakers who come together to showcase their work to the public.  As writers and artists, we know how difficult it is to find an audience for your work.  Small Press Fairs make it a little easier by pulling together a group of supportive people.

Continue reading

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