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Finding Inspiration Through Sylvia Plath’s Poetry

Posted by Aliyha Gill, Poetry Reader for 8.1

As a poet, I’m always looking for inspiration from other writers. I search for words, images, and techniques that I can borrow and make my own. So when I recently found myself in a writing rut, I dove into the poetry section of Barnes & Noble. Once I discovered Sylvia Plath’s poetry, I quickly noticed how it was riddled with enticing lines. Pen in hand, I jotted down every word or phrase that caught my eye. By the time I was finished, I’d read her poetry collections “Ariel” and “The Colossus” in their entirety. As a whole, her poems have melancholy tones, including “Morning Star,” which was written for her daughter, Frieda. Her stanzas are relatively short and her poems rarely exceed three pages. Plath tended to personify nature in her writing. She writes, “whoever heard a sunset yowl like that,” “let the stars Plummet to their dark address” (“Magi”), “the moon is my mother. She is not sweet like Mary,” (“Purdah”), and  “by day, only the topsoil heaves” (“The Colossus”) are all great examples of this technique. 

I also noticed that she used the following words/phrases in more than one poem:

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Finding Inspiration

Posted by Pam Haas, GD Poetry Reader for 5.1

As a writer, I’m constantly looking around for different sources to draw inspiration from. Recently, however, I’ve had a bit of a block. Every writer knows that feeling when the muse has abandoned them and nothing seems like poetry, or when the day feels too dreary and drippy to compose a satisfying painting. So to combat writer’s block for myself and anyone who may be similarly searching around for creative encouragement, I asked a few fellow student writers at SUNY Geneseo to respond to the question: Where do you get your inspiration from? This is what they have to say: Continue reading

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Lifting the Fog: The Road to Conquering Roadblocks When Writing

Posted by Morgan Staub, Fiction Reader for Issue 4.1

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Sip of coffee, Twitter. Sip of coffee, Facebook. Sip of coffee, back to the blank document in front of you.

The blinking cursor is laughing at you.

Whats the matter, buddy? Cant bring yourself to make a statement?

It happens to us all. Nearly every time I sit down to write, writers block creeps up on me at least once. My head, which was just twisting with sentences and characters, excited to get my ideas down on paper, goes completely blank. Eventually it lifts, like a dense fog rolling through, and Im finally able to get started on my story.

An important thing to remember when afflicted with writers block or other writing detours is that, luckily, theyre not a disease without a cure. Depending on your goal, Ive found there are different paths I can take that will help lift the fog and get my creative train rolling. Continue reading

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