Susan Romance

I Was Never Actually That Hungry

You enter my bedroom

to find that every surface

is covered

in bite marks, indents from where

my teeth had scraped away

at the impenetrable objects.

The mattress was half eaten,

metal springs and cotton

marshmallow fluff pouring out

like blood and guts on the floor. The desk

was all odd angles: only one

corner remained intact. Looking

around, you take notice of the

marks growing on the closet,

the chair, the curtains, the

pillows and throw blanket, the light

switches and door knobs, all showing

signs of my teeth’s touch. The

pens were sucked dry of their

ink, you marveled at how the

shards of the broken mirror

sat on the floor, glittering blueberries

that escaped the carnage,

bitemark free. You

asked me why

I seemed so hungry, and I

could only shrug in reply,

mouth still chewing

yesterday’s dinner, the wet

paper of my homework.

Susan Romance is a junior at SUNY Geneseo who is studying English and film studies. At home in Cheektowaga, New York, Susan enjoys spending time with her family and eating homemade meals. When she’s not staying up unreasonably late, you can find her writing poems or playing on her Nintendo Switch.