9.2 | Art

Jocelyn Acosta

Away (relief print)

Sarah Brown

Pads (digital photograph)

Trucks (digital photograph)

Aliyha Gill

Vanity (digital photograph)

Mira Jaeger

Dog Wants Something (acrylic on canvas)

Kailey Maher

Fruitful Darkness (stoneware)

Flow (stoneware)

Influx (soapstone)


Donatella (photograph)


Mollie Ward

Amass (oil pastel on paper)

Without a Form (oil pastel on paper)

To Yourself (oil pastel on paper)

Jocelyn Acosta is a student at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Sarah Brown will graduate from SUNY Plattsburgh this May where she has studied sculpture and digital photography. She enjoys capturing images that show the passing of time as well as how things change and stay the same. She is always pushing for meaning and mystery in her art and discovering new ways of expressing herself.

Aliyha Gill is a psychology and English (creative writing) double major senior at SUNY Geneseo. She is the opinion editor for The Lamron and the copy editor for MiNT Magazine. She appreciates all forms of art and aspires to publish her own poetry collection one day.

Mira Jaeger is currently a student at SUNY Geneseo. They like art, writing, and liking things.

Kailey Maher is a BFA student in ceramics and sculpture at SUNY Plattsburgh primarily working in stoneware, alabaster and bronze. Her pieces reflect the effects of time—shaping and reshaping—not in minutes and seconds, but a living lifetime of transformative movements of expansions and contractions.

J.S. is a senior psychology major at SUNY Geneseo. They have always had an interest in fashion, photography, and art. They often pull inspiration from pop music as well as fellow queer artists.

Mollie Ward is a BFA student at SUNY Plattsburgh, concentrating in drawing and ceramics. Her work focuses on her relationship and understanding of soft bodies, specifically her own body, in conversation with femme bodies in classical art. Ward’s drawings are often an amalgamation of her face merged with her sister’s face, creating her own version of a classical archetype. This exchange between classical art and her lived experience has influenced her recent body of work.