Jocelyn Paredes

Crime Scene

Hugging the rusty,

white bathtub,

yellowed-toenail clippings.

In the kitchen sink,

dishes reeking of

sweat and seafood.

A mug, cold coffee,

left for dead.

A rancid, sour stench.

Lotion—white in

color, no fragrance,



sticky or thick

in texture—smeared all


every door knob

in the house. In the

closet, several

pairs of muddy

sneakers with their soles

ripped off.

Completely coating

the office desk,

what must have been a

dozen cans of

neon orange paint.

Hanging over

the window sill,

Shea Newman—

her stomach sliced

cleanly open, and

if you looked closely,

you’d have seen her

soul ripped out also.

Jocelyn Paredes is an emerging writer based in Long Island, New York. Currently, she is working to obtain her BA in English and writing at the SUNY Fredonia. Her work has been previously published in Gandy Dancer and her short story “Captured” received the Mary Louise White Fiction Award.