Lidabel A. Avila

Tia Was Taken by One of Trujillo’s Men

si Jefe.

I will swallow my words

and choke on ones like


si Jefe.

I will leave behind my children

to satisfy your need

for my knees

to be grounded

en sal.

si Jefe.

I will let you use my blood as wine,

the fear in my eyes as pornography,

and my weak limbs as branches to


si Jefe.

Me dejaré perder

en campos de caña

para que mi república

no tenga que hacerlo.

Lidabel A. Avila is a senior English (creative writing) major at SUNY Geneseo with previous publications in the college’s MiNT Magazine, Iris Magazine, and Gandy Dancer. She mostly works on poetry connected to her Afro-Caribbean background, challenges with mental health and identity, and relationships with herself and others. However, she also indulges in speculative fiction writing. When not writing, Lidabel can be found practicing new drawing styles or deep-diving on the internet about scientific theories.