Christy Leigh Agrawal

Studying Genocide

the way        a crack forms

is the same        everywhere:

an absolute        disrespect

for the body        it interrupts—

invasion into        hollow space

           the voice        falls out trailing

a weak smear:        wet sound

                                 help      no one will know

 where we lived,        that we leaked,

that no crack is        a crack, only

   in two            dimensions

remember: there’s        no reason here

               no glue      for this and that’s

  the only tired        physics of fracture


Christy Leigh Agrawal is a native of New York and hails from the mid-Hudson Valley town Hyde Park. She is in her last year studying English (creative writing) at SUNY Geneseo and hopes (despite looming fears of post-graduate life) to pursue a career relating to poetry and civil rights law. She is passionate about the Islamic feminist movement and eliminating stigmas associated with mental illness and addiction.