Diego Barcacel Peñna

bicycling across the grand canyon

do you remember what you told me? i say.

we were riding across the grand canyon on a tandem

bike on a tightrope

     and you tried to scare me by rocking the bike.

but do you remember what you told me? i say.

sweat flew from my body to yours as we kept

moving forward

     and then we stopped—

look down, you said, rock and grass and water, look forward

and all you see is the horizon.

close your eyes looking down, you said, the

sunneverrises the sunneversets, there are no eclipses.

there is certainty in looking down.

To Rise/To Sink

As I swim I

fumble over words.

She once told me a shadow

is a shadow to a shadow.

Stare/look/glare into     sun     remove sweat

from your forehead so that you will sweat.

Sound out the words     give

no (new) meaning,

I remember drowning, standing

straight     a general     unregretful.

She held my hand     I held her

hand        we held each other’s hands.

She rose like a rose petal

rises in water.

I didn’t     (our) hands (linked)(together)

she dropped.

She rose again     she dropped, she rose, she

dropped, she rose, I let go, she rose, she rose, she—

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Diego Barcacel Peña is an English (creative writing) major who likes to write poetry and sleep through classes at SUNY Geneseo. He would like to be  friends with Gregor Samsa because he likes to have friends that he can make fun of and abuse. He also likes a friend that makes him look more attractive.