Isabel Owen


the space between daylight & the darkness of the east river tunnel

high-contrast insta-hued times sq i hate it—in the east village i found you &

your white sneakers—you asked me the word in english for arrancar—i am

sorry i almost dropped your sketchbook into the dumplings—the colorful

markered painted pages, a turtleito and buildings with faces & highlighter

bright—in between searching we find our way but are lost again, completely

desconocidos—to look for toy boats in the penn station k-mart—you would

use them in your thesis about the ocean filling with trash and the seagull

that tried to pick up the pieces one by one—stopmotion animation—your

father owned a mining company in chile and moved all over the country

and so you were used to any and all cities, even new york city—going to

your queens apartment was to witness the scene of my whole adolescence in

front of me, on the train, the marsh between douglaston and bayside; the

breath between suburbia and borough—have you ever fallen in love during

a dream only to wake up and see light moving on the ceiling—stopmotion

animation—you were the wish to escape all that i know—tenía miedo de

times sq—why’d you always want to walk that way to penn station—but

thanks for taking me—but to become so full of someone you barely know

yourself—you told me we could be friends-plus—you left me on read on

facebook messenger—i waited for you in the starbucks and pretended to

write—you left me on read on facebook messenger—is this what the inter-

net does—i find your polaroids in my notebook—stopmotion animation—

like the animated shortfilms on your instagram, all the projects, all the

temporalidad—all quick and saturated stories end & i continue scrolling,

desconocida                                                                          again


Isabel Owen is a junior English (creative writing) and history double major with minors in Latin American Studies and Black Studies at SUNY Geneseo. She only recently learned how to ride a bike, but now rides hers everywhere.