Loisa Fenichell

[anne poem #1]

Anne loved with deer hooves

in her stomach; since the country-

side she knew her first sex

had been stolen away; she loved

with flies circling her stomach;

a miniature death all over again,

looking at him.

She was thrust into the country-

side & there were the dogs bark-

ing with clenched teeth, & the shatt-

ered mornings during which she

was the only one awake.

The boys asked of her, in the orch-

ards, when o when will you

touch me & she could not help

it, when o when will you hold

my softest breasts—I am tired but I

am ready!

Loisa Fenichell is a SUNY Purchase student with a double major in creative writing and literature. She is passionate about Tetris, mythologies, and her phone’s flashlight feature