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Into the West

Alberta is a blank sketchpad

to the eyes trained for neon lights and mishaps

labeled modern art, unable to see past

their tawny smog and blue lights—this is a private gallery.

A winter’s sunrise stroked pastel lavender

by the blackbird’s feather drifting above a cerulean lake

dusted with glitter. Strands of shredded cotton balls

curl upwards from the silent surface.

The ridge of mountains sprayed

deep forest green.  The graffitist’s thumb slipped on

the nozzle as he turned to call back to his friend.  Changing cans,

spritzes of sunshine fall gently on scarlet leaves.

The roads etched in charcoal,

long and straight.  Halfway through, the child’s hand

grew weary of gripping the two yellow crayons

and he wandered home for a snack.

A herd of cows blotted

cream and chocolate in oil pastels,

trembling in gnarled fingers on a nursing home porch.

Just a smear as they graze high in the hills.

The crimson orb dips into black soil, tugged by the flick

of a rainbow tail under the ice, stars poking through

the thickening cloth of night until the moon

is our only spotlight.


Mitchell Angelo is a Senior creative writing major at SUNY Purchase College, and the Managing Editor of Gutter Mag. His microwave is haunted. His work has previously appeared in Gandy Dancer,, and The Westchester Review.