Jack White

Northern Gold

Call me dirt and gravel. Sunken

dew tickling a cracked bench.

Exhale my name into a cold

that drizzles and steams

against a morning’s unbending warmth,

brisk stone steps or the breeze that skims them.

Watch me through the dust of a cabin air,

tapping on a locked window and weeping into oak.

As I was in the morning,

I will be in the night.

Jack White is a junior at SUNY Brockport studying English. He is from the small town of North Bangor, New York. He spends his time listening to music (specifically hip hop) and sleeping. When he is not doing either of those, you can most likely find him hyperventilating over the current state of the country, and using his Gandy Dancer bio to encourage people to go out and vote in every election they can.