Tanya Korichkova


Even as a child, I’d bite my nails, but

that never stopped the dirt

in my grandmother’s garden

from scratching them underneath

until I’d pick them clean with the thinnest

stick I could reach off her fig tree.

Young branches don’t break

easily, so I’d twist them until

they frayed like the bottom hem

of my jeans. I never wore shoes.

My grandfather built this house

for her, and she built a home

and a garden to feed her children

and their children—three generations

living in one house.

Никога не съм помагал с градината,

но щях да гледам как баба разкопава градината

със същата свирепост, която използва,

за да скъса възлите от косата ми, винаги мрънкайки,

малки момичета не бива да бягат наоколо така. 

Tanya Korichkova is a senior applied math major at SUNY Geneseo. She spends her time between Geneseo and Redlands, California, where she was raised after immigrating from Bulgaria at the age of six.