Stephon Lawrence


The Atlantic floor litters
a décor of rotted bones laid
in fragments—arrows: femurs and phalanges
pierce feet. Dive further to bear
witness. Scattered mandibles are aftermath—dinner
guests carried utensils in their gums & watered mouths
over a main dish served rare & tender.
Saline-shake corneas: for best taste.
Sear the bottom, prepare carpal garnish,
let sit in coral trench.
Resurface as ragged tooth bends across jostled ulnas.
Shored; patella fins kick against a humorous pallet.
Forward strokes extend—clavicles
crack into oceanic crust.

Stephon Lawrence is a senior English (Creative Writing) major and Art History minor at SUNY Geneseo. She was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, where her heart steadfastly remains. When she isn’t writing or camped out in Geneseo’s art studio, Stephon enjoys spending time with friends and watching 90’s post-apocalyptic anime. She was published in Gandy Dancer 1.2 and would like to have tea (spiked with whiskey) with Ernest Hemmingway.

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