Kelly Landers

Weekends Spent Watching HGTV

I marvel at an open-air atrium,

lined with potted greens and hanging plants

and rosy-cheeked geraniums

peering over their enclosures. They gleam at

the high noon sun streaming down slightly askew

upon teacups and saucers, and a perfect

paired pot melds Earl Grey leaves and water. It brews

as we sit at a wrought iron table except

I am just carving pictures in the blackest

of nights, etching memories into the white-

washed flash before my nose. I smell canvas,

not soil, and it seems that I plant only parasites.

Even now, I can see it: the way the sun lies

on a garden reaching up to ever-ephemeral skies.

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Kelly Landers is a senior English major and writing minor at SUNY at Fredonia. If free time should ever arise, you might find her playing acoustic guitar and writing song lyrics or maybe trying out new vegan recipes she found on Pinterest. In an alternate universe, perhaps London Below, she would be best friends with Richard Mayhew from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.