Christina Mortellaro

Lip Prints: Fuse My Genes With Fish Scales

You are a matryoshka half, a hull, under my ribs—

I built your portrait with red

kisses. Pink flowers

your hairline—my vermilion borders overlap,

they blend smooth. I color your curls

ombre. I could never melt enough crayons,

whirl them with petroleum to make the right shade

for your irises. I purple them

instead with puckered burgundy. I blot dark

rouge in the cove, once beating, now flat

between your clavicle & neck. I could scoop you out

like a grapefruit, pack pulp between my rolled tongue,

place my head in your concave rind. Your fingers rest

on my hips like the rhythm of splashing water.

Christina Mortellaro is a senior English (Creative Writing) and communication major at SUNY Geneseo. She has been previously published in Gandy Dancer and her poetry has been presented at the 2015 and 2014 Sigma Tau Delta International Convention. In her spare time, you can find Christina binge-watching Netflix while attempting to clean her room—a forever chore. Christina’s literary best friend is and will always be Jo March from Little Women.

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