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Dandy Gancer Project

Posted by Emily Sterns, GD Public Relations Manager for 6.2 

In the editing and production workshop in which Gandy Dancer is created, we’ve been working on making prototypes or mini literary journals, we’ve been calling Dandy Gancer. This group project got us thinking about the many decisions that go into creating a literary journal. Each group got a slush pile which contained fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. They were then tasked with creating a journal complete with a cover, masthead, table of contents, and a letter to the readers or mission statement. Continue reading

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Creating Autumn

Posted by Lexi Sammler,  GD Creative Nonfiction Section Head for 5.1

Creating Autumn in Nature and WritingFrom a young age, I discovered the ability to lose myself in nature. I pride myself in stopping to smell the flowers, going on walks in the woods, and embracing the quiet sounds of nature.  Each step I have made through crunching leaves has allowed me to better myself as a writer. I have learned to appreciate and meditate in nature beyond the small creatures of the forest. I am thankful for all the green grass in my life, the cool breezes, and the reminder of my childhood that comes from stepping outside. Continue reading

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Finding Inspiration

Posted by Pam Haas, GD Poetry Reader for 5.1

As a writer, I’m constantly looking around for different sources to draw inspiration from. Recently, however, I’ve had a bit of a block. Every writer knows that feeling when the muse has abandoned them and nothing seems like poetry, or when the day feels too dreary and drippy to compose a satisfying painting. So to combat writer’s block for myself and anyone who may be similarly searching around for creative encouragement, I asked a few fellow student writers at SUNY Geneseo to respond to the question: Where do you get your inspiration from? This is what they have to say: Continue reading

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Lifting the Fog: The Road to Conquering Roadblocks When Writing

Posted by Morgan Staub, Fiction Reader for Issue 4.1

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Sip of coffee, Twitter. Sip of coffee, Facebook. Sip of coffee, back to the blank document in front of you.

The blinking cursor is laughing at you.

Whats the matter, buddy? Cant bring yourself to make a statement?

It happens to us all. Nearly every time I sit down to write, writers block creeps up on me at least once. My head, which was just twisting with sentences and characters, excited to get my ideas down on paper, goes completely blank. Eventually it lifts, like a dense fog rolling through, and Im finally able to get started on my story.

An important thing to remember when afflicted with writers block or other writing detours is that, luckily, theyre not a disease without a cure. Depending on your goal, Ive found there are different paths I can take that will help lift the fog and get my creative train rolling. Continue reading

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Poetry, Language, and Learning: How I Came to Love Words

Posted by Christy L. Agrawal, GD Poetry Reader for 3.2

“Led by language, led by intuitive leaps of thought, a poem does not presume.” – Kazim Ali

When I was younger my mother and I used to play something we called ‘the poem game’ every night before I went to bed. There were two versions of the poem game, the mom’s-tired version in which we would take out a Shel Silverstein book, place it between us on the bed like a sacred object, and take turns closing our eyes and pointing to random pages, delving into poem after poem and reading them aloud in an unspoken competition to draw the most laughter out of the other.

Continue reading

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