Dandy Gancer Project

Posted by Emily Sterns, GD Public Relations Manager for 6.2 

In the editing and production workshop in which Gandy Dancer is created, we’ve been working on making prototypes or mini literary journals, we’ve been calling Dandy Gancer. This group project got us thinking about the many decisions that go into creating a literary journal. Each group got a slush pile which contained fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. They were then tasked with creating a journal complete with a cover, masthead, table of contents, and a letter to the readers or mission statement.

On Monday February 12, the five groups presented their versions of Dandy Gancer. While the entire class got the same slush pile, each journal ended up very different from the others. Each had a different cover, aesthetic, and overall editorial vision. Some only included poetry and art, others included all genres, and a few included no fiction whatsoever. 

This project gave students a small glimpse to what occurs when making the actual issue of Gandy Dancer, from reading submissions and fighting for pieces to be included, to formatting struggles, to the thrill of the final product.

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