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Inspiration from SUNY Geneseo Alumna, Erin Kae

Posted by Lyndsay Tudman, Poetry Editor for 8.2

In early March of 2020, SUNY Geneseo alumna Erin Kae visited to hold the school’s first literary forum of the semester. There, she read Grasp This Salt, her chapbook that explores the story of Susan Smith, the woman who drowned her two young sons in 1995. During the literary forum, Kae discussed her inspiration for the chapbook. The event happened when Kae was only a few years old, which has allowed her to take an unbiased approach as she learned more about Susan Smith, the horrific event, and the incessant news coverage which followed.

As a current Geneseo student, I found it really interesting to hear Kae speak not only about her experience in writing a chapbook, but also about her life as a Geneseo student. When Kae had visited my poetry workshop the morning before the literary forum, she talked to us students about how some of her published poems started in classes like ours. As a creative writing major at SUNY Geneseo, it was really inspiring to see a published author talk about the same classes we were in and the professors we study under who helped her get to where she is now.

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Interview with Meghan Pipe about Writing, Editing, and Literary Journals

Posted By Brenda Bota, GD Poetry Reader for 5.1Meghan Pipe - literary journal

Meghan Pipe, a SUNY Geneseo alumna, is currently pursuing her MFA in Fiction at Colorado State University. As part of her program, she interns for the Colorado Review where she is an Associate Editor. She is currently in her second year of her 3- year MFA program. After she graduates, she wants to work with a non-profit organization that helps writers. She plans to continue her own writing and to eventually become a published novelist. She believes whatever she is learning at school now and through her internship will help her with her career goal as a writer.

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