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Should Straight Cisgender People Write Queer Characters?

Posted by Charlie Kenny, Co-Fiction Head for Issue 10.1

Alice Mattison writes: “Writing about people from any marginalized group can be scary. It’s also bad for your imagination to put limits on it. You ought to be free to become anyone when you make up a story” [sic] (74). This raises an age-old question: should non-queer people write about the LGBTQ+ community? If you asked fourteen-year-old, newly out Charlie, the answer would have been a hard “no!” Back then every queer person I saw on T.V. or in books were always written the same—as a gay, not a person. The only time I ever saw someone like me not as a stereotype was when I saw or read something written by another queer person. Continue reading

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Nicole Reviews ImageOutWrite Magazine


Posted by Nicole Pero, GD Creative Nonfiction Reader for 5.1

This fall I had the pleasure of visiting the annual Visual Studies Workshop Pub Fair and Litsplosion event in Rochester, NY.  I was immediately entranced by the work of Greg Climer, whose art is featured on the cover of ImageOutWrite’s most recent issue.  He uses different textile media, specifically quilts and knitted fabrics, to embody portraits and even to create animations.  The above image, titled “Portrait of Timo” after the subject, seems both serene and contemplative, both dreamy and tactile.  Similarly, the issues of ImageOutWrite, which I picked up contained pieces whose subject matter seemed both close to home and just out of reach.  ImageOutWrite publishes the works of LGBT+ writers, many of whom are established and lauded writers.  In short, ImageOutWrite collects the best LGBT+ writing all in one place. Continue reading

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