The Tenth Launch

Posted by Mallika Shah, Gandy Dancer Fiction Reader for 5.2

The tenth issue of Gandy Dancer has marked a shift. Through the semester-long process of its creation, the staff has seen an increased tone of melancholy—a transition into darker themes reflecting the despair that many Americans feel today. On May 5th however, as noted by Managing Editors Evan and Oliver, Gandy Dancer was a gathering place for the contributors, readers, and staff to connect and celebrate this milestone: five years of Geneseo’s SUNY-wide literary magazine. A magazine that has grown up and has taken a stand.

Brunch was provided for all, as was a slideshow of art from 5.2.  The graduating managing editors made their final remarks about their time on Gandy Dancer. The table with Gandy swag had a steady buzz, with people purchasing copies of the magazine, T-shirts, buttons, and tote bags that would, in the words of Rachel Hall, our faculty advisor, make excellent Mother’s Day gifts.

Seeing the faces of the authors and hearing their work in their own voices was wonderful. Chloe Forsell, author of the creative nonfiction piece “Fifteen Ways of Looking at a Privy” started off the readings in her soft voice that beautifully matched the tone of her piece. Diego Barcacel Peña’s readings of “Otro” and “America,” which rely on Spanish, left the largely non-Spanish speaking audience rightfully alienated. Julia Schicho and Grace Gilbert read  excerpts from “Red Oak” and “Fall,” and Lizzie Pellegrino finished with with her poems “64° 58’ N, 21° 27’ W @ 14:00 & 20 y.o.”

The tenth launch is significant. It represents the tireless work ethic of the Gandy Dancer staff and contributors.  This magazine is for the students of SUNY, of the students, and by the students. Join us in celebrating this by exploring the newest issue of the Gandy Dancer!

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