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Gandy Dancer Launch Party for 6.2

Posted by Alisa Mentor, GD Creative Non-Fiction Reader for 6.2 

It’s bittersweet to say that the time and effort invested in the production of Gandy Dancer 6.2 has finally come to an end. The hours of work, discussing, formatting, and rereading has paid off and left us with a physical representation of the sheer amount of passion the Gandy Dancer crew puts into each issue. On Thursday, May 3, we celebrated the newest addition to the Gandy Dancer family. Continue reading

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The Tenth Launch

Posted by Mallika Shah, Gandy Dancer Fiction Reader for 5.2

The tenth issue of Gandy Dancer has marked a shift. Through the semester-long process of its creation, the staff has seen an increased tone of melancholy—a transition into darker themes reflecting the despair that many Americans feel today. On May 5th however, as noted by Managing Editors Evan and Oliver, Gandy Dancer was a gathering place for the contributors, readers, and staff to connect and celebrate this milestone: five years of Geneseo’s SUNY-wide literary magazine. A magazine that has grown up and has taken a stand. Continue reading

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A Semester in Review: Launching Issue 3.2

Posted by Anna Watson, GD CNF Reader & Art Curator for 3.2

Hey, all of you wonderful fans!

Yesterday was the launch party for our spring issue of Gandy Dancer. I’ll try not to be too overly sentimental about the whole experience; however, as a first-time Editing and Production Workshop student—and a soon-to-be alumna of SUNY Geneseo—I feel like I learned a surplus of invaluable knowledge regarding all the hard work and communication (between readers, editors, and writers, alike) that goes into producing a literary journal. Continue reading

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