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St. John Fisher’s Best of The Angle leads to revival of journal as ANGLES

Posted by Oliver Diaz, Managing Editor

Like a shot of espresso, a Best Of issue is a short burst of concentrated content. Dynamic and packed with the best fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and cover art of the last 25 years, Best of The Angle is St. John Fisher’s literary espresso shot. Published in 2016, the anthology also features interviews with the authors alongside their revived writings spanning back to as early as 1956 and as late as 2011.

The joy of a Best Of compilation is in the consistent quality and The Angle delivers in all forms. Tom Hughes’ poem “OINK,” published in 1967, recalls the counter-culture during the Vietnam War, and, like all the work in the anthology, is complimented by an interview in which the author expounds upon his inspiration. On the other hand, full of emotion, distress, and mystery, Emilio Lopez’s story “Reluctant Brother” explores the relationship between two brothers as one tries to call the other back to the family. Lopez’s story is patient, chilling, and, according to him, verges toward the Twilight Zone. Continue reading

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Interview with Gandy Dancer 5.2 Featured Artist: Ashley Lester

Posted by Noah Mazer, GD Art Editor, and Poetry Reader

We are pleased to announce the selection of Ashley Lester as Featured Artist for issue 5.2 of Gandy Dance. Among the many works submitted, the Art reviewers for this issue were particularly struck by Lester’s submissions, which were the only ones that utilized collage as their medium. We were so impressed by Lester’s art, in fact, that we reached out and asked her to submit more pieces so that she could be included as Featured Artist. Here, Lester offers insight into what influences her artwork: Continue reading

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The Tenth Launch

Posted by Mallika Shah, Gandy Dancer Fiction Reader for 5.2

The tenth issue of Gandy Dancer has marked a shift. Through the semester-long process of its creation, the staff has seen an increased tone of melancholy—a transition into darker themes reflecting the despair that many Americans feel today. On May 5th however, as noted by Managing Editors Evan and Oliver, Gandy Dancer was a gathering place for the contributors, readers, and staff to connect and celebrate this milestone: five years of Geneseo’s SUNY-wide literary magazine. A magazine that has grown up and has taken a stand. Continue reading

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