A Semester in Review: Launching Issue 3.2

Posted by Anna Watson, GD CNF Reader & Art Curator for 3.2

Hey, all of you wonderful fans!

Yesterday was the launch party for our spring issue of Gandy Dancer. I’ll try not to be too overly sentimental about the whole experience; however, as a first-time Editing and Production Workshop student—and a soon-to-be alumna of SUNY Geneseo—I feel like I learned a surplus of invaluable knowledge regarding all the hard work and communication (between readers, editors, and writers, alike) that goes into producing a literary journal.


The Gandy man!

With the life-sized Gandy man watching us from the front of the room, SUNY Geneseo students, writers and artists, editors, librarians and professors gathered to celebrate the launch of what is our largest (and, subsequently, fattest) issue yet—issue 3.2. The Hunt Room was practically full to capacity by the time 9:30 a.m. rolled around. Refreshments were provided at a table in the back, including a full breakfast buffet—which came as a pleasant surprise to many who were expecting appetizers.

The formal proceedings began with Professor Rachel Hall’s introduction, which detailed the many accomplishments and strides that Gandy Dancer has made in the few short years since its creation. Our accomplishments for this past year include, but are not limited to: attending the AWP conference, forging virtual connections with other literary magazines such as Iron Horse Literary Review, and having our very own Chrissy Montelli’s blog post about poetry’s vitality being mentioned in Washington Post. Rachel concluded her introduction by offering thanks to people who made this all possible, including Allison Brown (for all her help and patience), our managing editors Amy Bishop and Erin Koehler, as well as the English Department.

It was standing room only as the nine presenters read their work. Hearing the authors reading their work gave a depth to the words we have previously scoured over and debated. The audience was intently listening in respectful silence, and the loud applause which accompanied each reader, made it clear that these works were something special.

GD 3.2 Staff

GD 3.2 Staff

My fellow editors and I felt a sense of both pride and finality in our accomplishments. Stationed at the merchandise table, I was able to interact with many who expressed with both their words and wallets their desire to associate themselves with Gandy Dancer. Packing up was easy at the end of the event, as the majority of the copies of issue 3.2 had been sold. But never fear, more copies are available for order through Amazon.com and the cool swag can be purchased in the English Department office! Attending events such as this reminds one that the literary community of Geneseo is thriving, and I will always be grateful for this experience.

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