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9.1 | Art

Winosha Steele 

Jade Nguyen

Kailey Maher

Lauren Berkey

Lauren Berkey is a current freshman at SUNY Oneonta. She’s always had an interest in photography and won her high school’s award for the best work in photography. In her free time, she’s either with friends or taking photos (frequently both).

Kailey Maher is a BFA student concentrating in ceramics and sculpture at SUNY Plattsburgh. She works primarily in stoneware, alabaster and bronze. Her pieces reflect the effects of time—shaping and reshaping—not in minutes and seconds, but a living lifetime of transformative movements of expansions and contractions.

Jade Nguyen is a senior BFA candidate at SUNY Plattsburgh with concentrations in photography and graphic design. She also studies web design and programming. An international student from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, her photography focuses on fabricating and presenting a reality that is different from what we see every day.

Born in the Bronx but raised in the Caribbean for the majority of her life, Winosha Steele was introduced to art at the age of five. Her earlier years were filled with bliss and creative adrenaline. Now, Steele’s vision is to expand her artistic horizons while embracing her Antiguan heritage. Her hope is that her art will compel people to question their notions of black history.

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