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Meghan Barrett


harvesting, the huntingmoons

struck lore of ill

and reached for brittle-leaves;

curl dry, narrow and spilt

marrow: birds, hallowed


longer, longer

the deepnight sits on the leaves

confides in their ashen,

halted chloroplasts sun

thirsting and witheraway leaves

break down their fill

stare at a lone

rising star

they are caught up in dying;

anthocyanin burst as

greenpulp fades, and the care-

otenoids tend these agingwisps,

steady firegold revealed

in soft stormspots caressing,

lingers on lovingly,

the weakengrasps

of hard fallen sunleaves

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Meghan Barrett is a senior biology and English (creative writing) double major at SUNY Geneseo. She hopes to attend graduate school in the fall of 2016 to earn her Ph.D, likely in neurobiology. Meghan is fascinated by the interplay of science and creative works, which has inspired much of her poetry. Her honors thesis is a project on scientific rhetoric in drama.

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