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What We’re Reading: New Ohio Review

n the midst of feverishly tightening gizmos & tinkering with doohickeys on our website, the Gandy Dancer team has taken the time to study the composition of other contemporary literary magazines. One of our current favorites is New Ohio Review, a publication founded by the Creative Writing Program at Ohio University in 2007. After perusing the ins and outs of its Fall 2009 Issue thanks to the Free Classroom Copies Program, our editorial staff would like to share impressive features that we admire about NOR. Continue reading

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Forging, Polishing, Growing

Posted by Emily Webb, Managing Editor for 1.2

Gearing up for its next Editing & Production workshop, Gandy Dancer has started to sink its teeth into the Internet, byte by hearty megabyte. Over the course of a week, our editorial staff has already acted upon several initiatives in full force to reach out to other SUNY campuses near & far and populate our magazine with emerging voices. Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Name Fool You

Posted by Emily Webb, Managing Editor for 1.2

Gandy Dancer shouldn’t be mistaken for that kid you knew in kindergarten who could only seem to talk about trains (though he was quite a spirited youngster, wasn’t he?). It’s actually more sophisticated than you think. While we may cherish the rugged tales & vital contributions that grew from this historic moniker, the folks at Gandy Dancer are currently working to exceed these archaic confines so that we may expand our literary prospects across a digital realm. Continue reading

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