Forging, Polishing, Growing

Posted by Emily Webb, Managing Editor for 1.2

Gearing up for its next Editing & Production workshop, Gandy Dancer has started to sink its teeth into the Internet, byte by hearty megabyte. Over the course of a week, our editorial staff has already acted upon several initiatives in full force to reach out to other SUNY campuses near & far and populate our magazine with emerging voices.

Recently, Faculty Advisor Rachel Hall shook virtual hands with 50 English faculty members at other SUNY schools in sending an email that regales colleagues in the valiant tale of our inception & aspiration to broaden our scope across New York with their help. While the Gandy Dancer team scours the state for writers beyond hills & inside valleys, Senior Megan Cicollelo circulated a quite seductive & amusing call for submissions to all Geneseo students in an effort to incite a buzz around our magazine, launching it into the digital stratosphere. So if you find another email shoved inside your inbox, don’t just throw it into the dank hallows of the spam folder – we’re just looking to share you with the Internet!

While tinkering with our web design, I have been working closely with the inventive & whimsical layout committee in learning how to operate newfangled design software under the supervision of tech sage & bowtie aficionado, Library Joe. We are currently experimenting with Adobe Creative Suite to adorn our webpage with a sleek while charming sense of rustic chic, which was first inspired by several promotional posters created by Editor Hannah Pruch.

As we cultivate these bells & whistles that will epitomize the refreshing vigor of our magazine, the Gandy Dancer team expects to premiere our new look by the time we release our next issue. The editorial staff wants to welcome you to this promising haven for ingenuity, mirth & writing as soon as possible. Now, how could you possibly pass on an offer like that?

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