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Lauren Sarrantonio

Garden of Eden

What magic there was in eating your green beans

that made you grow through the night as you slept

sweet and curled into dark like cocoons

I am in love with that trickery. Love is not

love but trickery, whomever is willing

to be coaxed toward light

with their pomegranate hearts,

jewels sparkling in the sun,

scar tissue walls all juice in tact ::

only tasted when broken.

The fact of the matter is fruit bruises,

and I am not looking for anything more

but to stop feeling bored and to find

ways to let a sweet thing inside me.


Lauren Sarrantonio is a graduate student of speech language pathology at SUNY New Paltz, with a special interest in end of life care. Her essay, “The Amorphous Children” can be found in Gandy Dancer issue 4.2. When she’s not reminding everyone in proximity of their mortality, she’s internally reciting the poem, “The Gate” by Marie Howe.

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