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selling a beach house in Idaho / lighting the sage and summoning spirits as I await your three character text / swimming in the east river / ruminating texting first / eating bacon after watching babe / looking up public campaign finance records to see where you donated to / craving mcdonald’s after watching super size me / looking up the names of your extended family on facebook / starting a cult in Waco / hyphenating our last names / going to times square and getting dinner at tgi friday’s / starting a jets fan club in buffalo / writing smut with you as my edward cullen / starting a beef plant in India / doing the twist in a 1950s soda shop / following you until you love me / blocking and unblocking you on social media / passing up on taco bell after getting stoned / throwing a euro in the trevi fountain / sticking to the status quo after watching high school musical / getting a tramp stamp angel heart tattoo with property of [Y/N] written on it / fracking after watching erin brockovich / since you’ve been gone I’ve been lost without a trace / picturing my belly swollen, pregnant with your child / selling cheeseburgers at the synagogue / wanting a stable relationship after listening to lana del rey / presenting Holofernes’ head on a silver platter / taking my date to a classy dinner at olive garden / plucking the petals off a flower, whispering “he loves me, he loves me not” / witnessing the construction of the Egyptian pyramids / maybe you think that you can hide, I can smell your scent for miles / flushing my phone down the toilet / taking my grandma to a post malone concert / stealing pictures from an instagram influencer to catfish you with / getting completely blacked out / composing a sonnet based on how little and useless your replies are / drinking the kool aid in jonestown / finding amelia earhart’s bones / cosplaying as junie b. jones / auditioning with “defying gravity” for the talent show / carving your ass out of marble / someday I’ll pay the bills with this guitar, we’ll have it good / writing a poem about a three character message

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Sarah Holsberg is a senior at the State University of New York at Geneseo, studying early childhood education and English (creative writing). As a writer, she is interested in the intersection of the personal, the political, and the creative. She plans on traveling across the world, teaching in a New York City school, and writing professionally. 


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