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Joshua Kent


DIY whitewash tires
& paint chips
& dremel dust
& high rise bikes
with handle bars that fell out.

Broken down bike sleuths
that could be stripped
to shining steel
& spray painted lime green
that never stuck. Hell,

we spent hours
inhaling paint fumes.
Our backs hunched
over bike frames

Leaves began to change:
spray paint stains replaced
by rust.

Joshua Kent is sort of a student at MCC because of relationship troubles with SUNY Geneseo, where he studied International Relations. He lives in Saratoga Springs and sells peanut butter at farmer’s markets. He spends most of his waking hours beneath a triangle of trees in Congress Park. If he were to befriend a fictional character, it’d be Arturo Belano for the quixotic quests and wanderings.

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