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Bibi Lewis

In Jackson Heights, My Father Outsmarted Puberty

next to LaGuardia runways, spent his summers keel
against terminal shells, smoking

5 cent cigarettes while the bottoms
of his shoes melted to tarmac.

He flirted with flight attendants who drew giveaway pens
from the pocket of their uniform-mating call

to give him six-digit phone numbers scrawled
on grease stained peanut bags.

& at night he slumped over the shoulder
of the LIE, kept his eyes

fixated on polished stones in Cavalry
cemetery: a Queen’s response to her older sibling’s skyline.

Golem in the Backseat of Our Parents’ Blue Station Wagon

Facing behind, we stare into eyes too focused on rain
to see us: children with oversized scowls, my seatbelt
crushing  heather  green  wool  coat  (two siblings too
large),  his fingers pointed into fleshy laser gun.  Hips
calloused  to  collapsible  third  row,  feet  tangled  in
ripped yellow of old ikea duffel.  My good time is  not
interchangeable  Sunday  morning talk  radio  or mid
twentieth  century  architecture.  Stagnation  at  sixty
miles per hour: finding sand between creases of felted
velour seats in late December

Bibi Lewis is a senior at SUNY Geneseo, originally from New York City. When she isn’t writing, she can be found knitting or rambling about feminism. She was published in Gandy Dancer 1.2. She would gladly share a lemon bar with Gertrude Stein or Michael Chabon.

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