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Muddied Waters

Posted by Sarah Diaz, GD editor for 3.1

Muddy Waters old Menu

The town of Geneseo is pretty much what any flatlander imagines when thinking of a small college town in rural New York: a quaint Main street decorated with a fountain, a couple of bars, pizza joints, a book shop and music store, even a bike shop. It used to have the classic college coffee house, Muddy Waters, where one might sink into a worn couch and enjoy a latte and a book or catch up and laugh with good company. Muddy’s was filled to capacity during their weekly open mics and on gloomy Saturday afternoons. Different from the Starbucks in the College Union, it existed as a place for off- and on-campus students to collide. Muddy’s often played the college’s local radio station WGSU as background coffeehouse tunes. The ambiance provided a stress-free atmosphere in which to do schoolwork but also allowed people to mingle and chat without having to yell or show up at seven a.m. just to snag a table.

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